Young cricketers academy bound

Across the Board
Stabroek News
April 8, 2001

They are among our most promising cricketers for the future and, starting next month, they will have the benefit of a specialised, developmental programme, compliments of the Shell Cricket Academy of St George's University.

The 24 young men (aged 18-23) chosen from across the landscape of West Indies cricket are the inaugural recipients of scholarships to attend the three-month Shell Cricket Academy which will be held at the SGU Cricket Institute in Grenada. We at the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) wish to congratulate those selected and we hope they will grasp this unique opportunity not only to develop their cricketing talent but also to explore academic possibilities at the high-quality facilities offered by St. George's University.

This dream of establishing a finishing school for the elite of this region's youth cricketers has, at last, become a reality thanks to a three-way partnership involving Shell, St. George's University and the WICB. It is an initiative which the WICB considers integral to its redevelopment plan of which the ultimate objective is to ensure West Indies cricket regains its place at the top of international cricket.

The WICB is extremely pleased to welcome Shell back into the family of West Indies cricket in this most crucial venture. This major multi-national was once the title sponsor of the regional four-day cricket competition (Shell Shield) and has seen fit to rekindle its relationship with West Indies cricket by sponsoring this progressive and intensive course for our stars of tomorrow.

Under the guidance of its Director, Dr Rudi Webster, the Shell Cricket Academy will offer participants a wide-ranging, balanced cricket curriculum as well as a complementary educational component. The cricket aspect will be divided into three segments: technical, sports science and sports management some of which will be taught by former great West Indies players.

Technical - everything relating to technical skills, including batting, bowling, fielding, wicket-keeping, captaincy, tactics and strategy. Special attention will be given to the mental aspect of cricket.

Sports Science - deals with sports medicine, physiology, training, fitness, nutrition, sports psychology and biomechanics.

Sports Management - looks at cricket management, including funding and sponsorship, commercial responsibilities of players and the management of their relationships with various stakeholders. Participants will learn about the WICB's structure and functions as well as those of regional cricket associations. They will also learn about the management of grounds and pitches.

The educational aspect will be geared to enhance each participant's personal development and self-confidence and will include English, computer skills, West Indies cricket history, media training, money management and etiquette.

The Shell Academy Selection Committee, chaired by the WICB's Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Shillingford, has selected the following available cricketers to attend the Shell Cricket Academy:

WINDWARD ISLANDS: Romel Currency (St. Vincent); Fernix Thomas, Wayne Phillip and Shane Shillingford (all three from Dominica).

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Rodney Sooklal, Andy Jackson, Theodore Modeste and Zaheer Ali.

GUYANA: Kevin Bazil, Sewnarine Chattergoon, Reon Griffith and Esaun Crandon.

BARBADOS: Callitos Lopez, Marlon Franklyn, Sulieman Benn, Ryan Hinds and Kurt Wilkinson.

LEEWARD ISLANDS: Runako Morton (Nevis), Elsroy Powell (St. Kitts) and Sylvester Joseph (Antigua).

JAMAICA: Donovan Pagon, David Bernard Jr., Keith Hibbert and Ryan Cunningham.

N.B. Players who are likely to be selected to tour the United Kingdom with the West Indies Under-19 team and Zimbabwe and Kenya with the West Indies senior team were not considered for selection to the Shell Cricket Academy.