Bloodshed will not help us - not now, not ever
C.N. Sharma

Stabroek News
March 27, 2001

Leader of the Justice For All Party (JFAP), C.N. Sharma, has appealed to all political leaders to ensure that their supporters be rational in all situations.

In a statement issued yesterday, Sharma expressed the view that "bloodshed will not help us - not now, not ever. We must learn to work along (together) even if we have our differences."

He also expressed condemnation of the attack on the PNC/R's representative on the Guyana Elections Commission Haslyn Parris, and the alleged accusation that he was a "traitor".

"Throughout Guyana," Sharma said, "it is known that Mr.Parris is a well-respected gentleman and every effort must be made to bring the wrong-doers to justice."

Parris was attacked by an angry mob on Friday as he made his way out of the PNC's headquarters at Congress Place. His car was extensively damaged.

According to the JFAP leader, political activists were going about provoking members of other political parties. Sharma noted that he too was subjected to abuse and provocation by a member of a major political party.

He said that GECOM should be given credit and respect for the work that they have done. However, Sharma would like them to address the issues that have been raised concerning the disenfranchisement of some citizens and the accuracy of the results, the statement added.