Eerie calm continues to pervade city

Stabroek News
March 22, 2001

An eerie calm continued to hang over the city yesterday as the wait for final elections results continued but a few more stores ventured to cautiously throw open their doors.

Courts Guyana Inc barricaded its central Georgetown departments thoroughly but conducted business as usual through a main door; Clairan's Boutique on Church Street, removed all its showpieces and replaced them with sheets of plywood.

A few stores along Regent and Water streets made courageous attempts at opening, but by noon - probably in anticipation of the poll results - they were closed. And although many more workers returned to work, this segment of the population was still not back to its full strength.

Schools along the coast also continued to register low attendance, but the same could not be said for the transportation sector where the car parks were bustling. But it was clear that those on the streets had all their energies geared to one effort - getting transport to seek the refuge of their homes.

The mobile music boxes were also missing from Georgetown's now quiet streets.

In the city's magistrate's courts the police prosecutors returned to their regular stints.

Reports indicated though that on the West Coast and in some areas along the East Coast, life had returned to normal.