Elections Watch

Stabroek News
March 18, 2001

Head of the Carter Center, Jimmy Carter, met separately with the leaders of the two major parties yesterday, following his arrival in the country on Friday to observe Monday's polls.

President Bharrat Jagdeo expressed his concerns over "people creating confusion" and PNC leader Desmond Hoyte told Carter that there were "still serious flaws on the voters' list."

Jagdeo said he had mentioned to the former US president his earlier reservations about the voters' list and that in his Wednesday meeting with the Elections Commission, "I had the assurance of the full commission... all six members ...including the members from the opposition that they would have the list ready."

But Hoyte told Stabroek News that he had related to Carter the party's concerns that there were "still serious flaws" on the official list of electors and that many persons would still be disenfranchised. Hoyte said he also expressed concern over the slow distribution of ID cards, and at the rate the process was going, many would not receive these.

Carter was accompanied to both meetings--held at the Office of the President and at Congress Place--by his wife Rosalyn Carter and Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, the other members of the observer mission's leadership team.

Jagdeo said: "I pointed out the slow pace of distribution of national identification cards especially in some areas such as Berbice, East Coast and Region Three ..traditionally PPP strongholds."

He noted that the commission "had assured us that as long as your name is on the list you will be allowed to vote ...although it would have been desirable to have the cards distributed." He said the reason for the new forms of identification was so that no voter should be disenfranchised. He said he hoped that "when the oath of identity has to be administered it is properly scrutinised and very, very transparent."

Meanwhile Jagdeo said he was heartened by the presence of so many observer groups and hoped "they would cover as many polling stations as possible to ensure our elections are free and fair and can withstand the scrutiny of the international community." He joked that the government "had invited almost every observer group in the world."

The Carter Center has sent a 44-member delegation and joins four other organisations bringing the total of overseas observers to 159.

Meanwhile, the local observer group, the Electoral Assistance Bureau (EAB), said it anticipated that it would have 1,000 observers at polling places. The EAB said that it expected it would be in a position to assess the general quality of polling, counting and vote aggregation within a short period after election day.

And in a release issued yesterday, the group called on all Guyanese to exercise their democratic right to vote and to ensure that peace and tranquility were maintained before, during and after the elections.

Meanwhile, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine of the GAP/WPA is scheduled to meet the Carter Center team this morning. However, he told Stabroek News that a meeting might serve little purpose given what he called the shameful state of election preparations in the interior and the fact "that observer groups seemed to have made up their minds that all was well."

Dr Roopnaraine said he had raised many of these objections with a Carter Center advance delegation a few days ago. Having returned from a trip to Karasabai and Lethem, he was alarmed that the last minute changes the commission had put in place for identification would never be related in time to polling officials in remote locations. There was an extreme level of frustration amongst voters who were yet to pick up their ID cards and were not aware of the new provisions. In essence, Dr Roopnaraine said, the commission was running a coastal election.

Jagdeo amenable to campaign funding limit, regulations

President Bharrat Jagdeo says he is not against looking into regulations to cover campaign funding and adequate disclosures for future elections once he gets back into office.

The PPP/Civic, for which Jagdeo is the presidential candidate, has put out a massive campaign with its advertisements dominating both the electronic and print media.

While the PNC REFORM has a big advertising outlay as well, the PPP/Civic's is significantly larger. Smaller parties like The United Force, Guyana Action Party-Working People's Alliance, Rise Organise and Rebuild (ROAR) and Guyana Democratic Party have not even come close.

Jagdeo said he would not mind considering regulations to limit campaign spending and to disclose funding sources, but this would not be because a party, which would get less than one per cent of the votes in Monday's elections, was asking for this.

ROAR, led by Indian Rights activist, Ravi Dev, has criticised the domination of the campaign scene by the PPP/Civic.

A Stabroek News editorial touched on the issue, calling for strict limits on campaign spending and the amount of contributions from donors.

"Otherwise, the party with the biggest bank account has a substantial advantage and the door is open to abuses of various kinds in terms of possible compromises with very large contributors," the editorial said last Wednesday.

Noting the inadequacy of the limit in the Representation of the People's Act of $2,500, this newspaper suggested a minimum level of funding to allow parties to campaign properly. Whether this funding should be provided in part by the state and to whom, should be a subject for discussion, the editorial said.

The editorial contended that the lack of financing has made it difficult for the smaller parties to be heard in this elections.

GAP/WPA assured GECOM ready for polls

The Guyana Action Party/Working People's Alliance (GAP/WPA) has been given the assurance by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) that it will be totally prepared for the elections tomorrow.

A GAP/WPA delegation, including presidential candidate Paul Hardy, Jocelyn Dow, Desmond Trotman and Moses Bhagwan, met GECOM Chairman Major General (rtd) Joe Singh and commissioners at the commission's office on High Street on Thursday evening. The chairman had invited the party for a briefing on arrangements for the polls.

Among the matters discussed were the distribution of ID cards, the condition of the final voters list and the general state of GECOM's preparedness.

The GAP/WPA campaign manager Moses Bhagwan told Stabroek News that the alliance raised a number of issues concerning the integrity of the voters list, specifically the issue of involuntary transfers and the situation where persons allegedly in the possession of identification cards had been able to register at more than one polling division.

On the issue of possible disenfranchisement through the non- possession of appropriate identification, GAP/WPA was told that any form of picture identification would work. They were assured that the commissioners were united on the integrity of the voters list and the state of preparedness; security on polling day for voters and polling stations were still being worked on.

The alliance also expressed concern that the two main stakeholders who are represented on the commission have not made a statement expressing satisfaction and confidence in the state of the final voters list and the level of preparedness of the commission for the polls in order to assist in quelling fears and rumours circulating about the commission not being ready.

Speaking about the campaign, Bhagwan said that the party hoped to raise the issue of campaign financing immediately after the elections in a formal way.

Bhagwan also said that the GAP/WPA union and its leading candidates, Hardy and Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, have met a marvellous response in the hinterland communities and had considerable support from people on the coastland.

GAP/WPA, he said, hoped it could win a sufficient number of seats in the elections to play a critical role in parliament and in helping to forge a national government.

The elections, GAP/WPA feels, will only have meaning if the old established pattern of voting is somewhat eroded to allow for the emergence of a third force which may be able to play the role of peacemaker and reconciler in a country torn and embittered by nearly 50 years of political and ethnic conflicts and divisions.

People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/Civic)

Let progress continue with the

People's Progressive Party/Civic

The People's Progressive Party/Civic will receive the support of an overwhelming majority of the electorate at the elections on March 19. This confidence is based on the solid achievements

of the two PPP/C Governments over the past eight years despite overwhelming odds. The first Government between 1992 and 1997 had to contend with fiscal, economic and infrastructural collapse and a totally demoralised people reeling under the weight of twenty-eight years of dictatorship. This second PPP/C Government was confronted with an opposition whose declared objective was to make the country ungovernable and to roast us with slow fire.

In the PPP/C's first five year term, the dignity of the people of Guyana was restored, democracy was advanced, freedom was entrenched, the infrastructure was stabilised, jobs were created by increased investments, thousands of house lots were distributed, new schools were built and old schools were refurbished, medical services were extended, potable water supply was expanded, salaries of public servants were substantially increased and the economy grew at an advanced pace. Hope replaced despair.

In the post-election events of 1997 when the opposition sought to destabilise the Government and create disunity, the Government stood firm but exercised flexibility. It successfully stabilised the political situation by signing the Herdmanston Accord and the St Lucia Statement and scrupulously observed their terms. The same cannot be said for the Opposition.

These events during both PPP/C Governments, demonstrated the maturity of the PPP/C, its high level of commitment to the unity of the people of Guyana, its ability to compromise in order to protect the integrity of the nation and its principled approach to agreements. The PPP/C has earned the respect of the people of Guyana and can be relied upon to pursue the path of peace, compromise and inclusiveness with the interests of the nation being its paramount consideration.

President Jagdeo, in his message in the PPP/C's Manifesto says: "The future, which the PPP/C has been crafting, is one of economic progress, social development, fairness and justice and harnessing the benefits of an ever-expanding globalized economy... Our people are the main focus for development. They are the creators of wealth and must be the beneficiaries of the future that we will build... the economic development strategy which we will embark on, will position the country to attract more investment, further stimulate our people's entrepreneurial spirit, and establish the economic base for a sustainable improvement in our living conditions."

At its presentation on March 8 at the Hotel Tower, he said that the purpose of the Manifesto is to benefit all Guyanese, "including those who will vote for the PNC."

In every area of productive activity and social development, progress has been spectacular. The next PPP/C Government has outlined in its Manifesto detailed objectives and advanced plans to build upon the achievements of the last eight years. These include:

* Restructured rice, sugar, bauxite and forestry industries;
* A surge of export growth in non-traditional industries;
* A sound macro-economy, business environment, a stable exchange rate and lower interest rate;
* Private sector expansion;
* A reformed, more efficient and higher paid public service;
* The establishment of a stock market and private sector development bank;
* New roads, bridges, highways and industrial estates;
* Completion of the Guyana/Brazil Road;
* A deep water harbour;
* Urban development:
* More and better paying jobs;
* Inclusiveness at every level;
* Poverty reduction;
* Promotion of the welfare of women, children and senior citizens;
* A greater supply of potable water;
* Expanded educational facilities;
* More house lots and easier financing for housing construction;
* Improved telephone and electricity services;
* Special programmes for Hinterland and Amerindian Development;
* A stronger and better equipped police force and army;
* Strengthened independence for and a better equipped and functioning judiciary and magistracy;
* Emphasis on accountability, ethics and morality.
The PPP/C has said that: "We have proven that we have the energy, the resolve and the strategy to build our nation together... We invite all Guyanese to work with us to make our country united and prosperous."



People's National Congress REFORM (PNC REFORM)

Election statement

by Hugh Desmond Hoyte, S.C.

Leader of People's National Congress REFORM

The Old Testament records that the people of those times were given a choice, "I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse, therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may prosper". (Deuteronomy 30:19)I believe that the choice facing us in Guyana today is very much the same.

As we approach the serious business of selecting the Party to

lead our country and manage our affairs, it is saddening to observe the contempt with which the PPP regime treats the Guyanese people. While we recognize the sense of hopelessness and pessimism in the attitude of young people, the regime in office regales us with tales of fictitious jobs and imaginary growth. The families of our rice farmers are worried and anxious as the rice industry is caught up in a web of financial disaster and mismanagement, but you are being told that all is well and you have never had it so good. While business people are losing their lifetime of investment and sweat, we have to put up with tall tales of imaginary investment and non-existent projects. Mr Jagdeo and those who surround him are so contemptuous of the Guyanese people that even though the reality is that Guyana has fallen from a growth rate of 8.6% under our Economic Recovery Programme to minus 1.8% at the present time, they would have us believe that Guyana is a paradise.

The record of the PPP is one of dismal failure. It is also a record that includes the scandal surrounding the Mon Repos sea defence that was managed in such a corrupt manner that it collapsed causing great distress to many of our citizens. What is worse is that even though the scandal was investigated and the perpetrators named, the facts were never made public and the rascals concerned were never brought to justice. The same is true of the scandal surrounding the importation of stone from Canada.

Again, the thieves and bandits involved in that episode have been

protected from prosecution having made the most of our resources

and our money. We all know of roads that collapse soon after

construction, wharves that float downriver and of projects, which

enriched the friends and collaborators of Mr Jagdeo.

The reason for the slide and decline of Guyana is mismanagement and corruption. Mr Jagdeo cannot manage the economy; he cannot attract investment and he and his friends have mashed up every single sector. Rice is in recession, sugar is teetering on the brink, bauxite is in shambles, bankruptcies and foreclosures are at record levels. The economy is grinding to a halt. It does not require a searchlight to recognize the causes of Guyana's economic woes. We have to accept the reality that only one Party at the polls has both the experience in Government and the skills and integrity to make Guyana credible and investor friendly.

The joblessness, the bankruptcies and the poverty are quite

clearly the result of recession and a lack of investment both from local and foreign sources. In the absence of investment, there will inevitably be a depressed business climate, a lack of business opportunity and a downward path.

Guyana needs to be reformed. The PNC REFORM believes that the

modernisation of Guyana and the development of its economy require social and economic transformation. By this process, we will create a more competitive, productive society. This can only be achieved through the enhancement of individual, community, and institutional capabilities with the appropriate policies and by investment in the human, social, and cultural aspects of development. When we take an intelligent look at our situation, it is quite clear that there is need for a deep and radical reform of our economy and our society.

We need new investment and new jobs. We need to become more efficient and to become more competitive. We need to reduce the role of government and limit its interference in the smooth running of enterprise. PNC REFORM will undertake many new economic ventures including the expansion of the ecotourist sector and the GUYANA 21 infrastructure programme. The installation of new communication facilities to power the information needs of the various components of the GUYANA 21 and the growth of information

technology support industries such as offshore data processing services, tele-information services, data management outsourcing. An export-processing zone will stimulate the development of an entirely new manufacturing and export sector.

PNC REFORM has planned the reorganisation of the sugar, bauxite, and forestry industries to enhance productivity and competitiveness. We will take particular care and work on the revitalization of the rice industry. This industry is not only the economic bedrock of rural Guyana, but also an industry whose vibrancy is pivotal to the well-being of the nation as a whole. The industry has given economic and social life to many rural communities; value to land; a livelihood to families; education and a future for their children. Upon assuming office, the PNC REFORM government will act to resuscitate the rice industry and place it on a secure growth path for the future by refinancing the existing commercial debt of farmers and millers.

We need to transform the way we deal with the issue of Amerindian rights and Amerindian lands. We want to give more parliamentary representation to the hinterland areas and establish an Amerindian development council to give greater autonomy to our indigenous peoples. Our education system must be retooled to train our young people to cope with the opportunities and challenges of the information age. We need new skills and affordable university education. We need to transform our police force and our army. We need to transform our health sector and our social security system. We need to introduce employment benefits and a better safety net. We need to free up the media and make it more accountable to the people and serve as a watchdog against corruption and incompetence.

Transformation means getting our private sector, civil society and government to explore new ways of working together towards creative solutions to our major problems. Transformation also means making government more accountable to the people and more transparent. It means giving teeth to the auditor general and more independence to the judiciary.

Business as usual is not good enough. We need to take our destiny into our hands and vote with our heads. We need to take a serious look at our future. The people of this country have it in their power to take the necessary steps to put Guyana on the right track. We have to vote with our heads on March 19 for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

We have to accept the reality that only one Party at the polls has both the experience in Government and the skills and integrity to make Guyana credible and investor friendly. PNC REFORM is convinced beyond doubt that our three-fold emphasis on human development, technology reform and modern and responsive governance are the keys to a successful turn around of Guyana. It will require massive and sustained effort.

We do not expect to do it alone. We expect to do these remarkable things, achieve these dramatic reforms and unprecedented growth with the support of all Guyanese.

Guyana has the human resource potential. All that is needed is the will and courage to change old habits and embrace the future of Guyana as we reform our country. You know that you can entrust the future of this nation to the PNC REFORM. Your vote for the PNC REFORM is not only for your own sake but that of your children and grandchildren. I am aware of the fact that there are many serious problems in the work of the Elections Commission. Many citizens are worried that they may be denied their right to vote for the party of their choice. Let me assure you that the PNC REFORM is vigilant and serious about these matters. We will do all that is necessary to prevent the disenfranchisement of registered voters or any attempt at fraud. Be vigilant and be early to your place of poll. Vote right! Vote PNC REFORM!

"For lo, the storm is past, the rain will be over and gone. The flowers will appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the dove will be heard in our land. It is the voice of peace and prosperity." (Song of Solomon 2:11,12) (Back to top)

Guyana Action Party/Working People's Alliance (GAP/WPA)

Fellow citizens! We can make Guyana work!

Fellow citizens of Guyana:

When we vote on March 19, it will be the eleventh time that the nation is going to the polls since l957. Yet after eleven elections our country remains under-developed compared to other countries nearby, compared to what we could be, compared to our dreams and our hopes and our needs.

Leaving aside the blunders and the wrongdoing that have been committed by different governments, why are we in this state? In one word, because of our divisions.

Both the PPP and the PNC have shown great ability to keep the bulk of their traditional support among coastal voters. These voters have not shared their votes among different parties. In this, their voting patterns have differed from those of the indigenous peoples and other interior dwellers who have used the system of proportional representation better than the coastal voters. Of course coastal voters have the right to vote as they wish and we are not questioning that right. What we are doing is pointing out the consequences of this kind of voting.

The consequences are the kind of division that is holding back our country, and which is all the worse because voters have cut the ground from under their own feet by allowing the other political parties to be reduced at the polls to the status of tiny minorities.

Neither the PPP nor the PNC has ever been able to rise above the competition between themselves. Look at the ads they have broadcast during this election campaign, each tearing down the other!

They have never wanted an independent force to develop in Guyana's politics because - let us repeat - they have never been able to rise above themselves and their narrow competition to put Guyana first.

But we have to replace destructive division with reason - and this is what GAP-WPA can make possible. Political scientist and lecturer Dr David Hinds, from the WPA part of GAP-WPA, most recently defined the GAP-WPA formation as "a community of reason." His appeal is for a sufficient number of Guyanese to remove themselves from the company of those who refuse to think of new choices and to join the community of reason which the GAP-WPA represents in present national life. Community of reason is not an academic concept. It is an understatement for simple common sense.

GAP-WPA is the gateway to the answer to our country's divisions.

If GAP-WPA can poll one vote in each household among those who vote for the deadlocked parties, we will use the seats we are given by the people to turn the National Assembly into a community of reason.

How? By not joining one block or the other, and by offering our seats only to a National Government. This, please note, is a National Government, not a National Front Government. A National Front Government is a term from the past when a so-called "leading" party worked with others which had no real say, and had to pledge loyalty to the leader.

What is a National Government? It is a government in which all parties join in calling a "cease fire" and putting Guyana first. Each party enters that government with the strength the voters give them. Seats are left where you voted them. No one changes sides.

The best ministers, men and women will come from all parties, the major winners appointing the most. They will form the cabinet.

Outside of the cabinet, Members of Parliament will not be muzzled, but will be free to vote and talk from conscience and truth, because no one wants the government to fall.

Citizens with any kind of problems can petition the National Assembly and all parties can take an interest in these problems, freed from having to engage in meaningless debates that are really about themselves. Daily, the discussions in the Assembly can ring with the real problems of real citizens, problems which actively concern the society.

Does our proposal for a National Government sound like a dream? Yes, in a land where too many dreams have died. But we can make it work, because grown men and women and young people and seniors of all races still have the dream that we can make Guyana work. Fellow citizens, we can make Guyana work!

Plan in your household who will break free to join a community of reason in Guyana by putting their X near the Heart for GAP-WPA.

Unite the land. Unite the people. Vote GAP-WPA. (Back to top)

The United Force (TUF)

The United Force's Message

(Symbol: the SUN)

My fellow Voters,

We are one day away from the March 19th General Elections and THE UNITED FORCE urges you to exercise your franchise smoothly, peacefully and fairly. We call upon the nation's electorate to be sensible and calm when you go to the polls. DO NOT resort to or be dissuaded from voting by negative influences, acts of terrorism, violence or threats. Everyone is entitled to vote free from interference and we ask each one of you to respect that right.

Tax reform

In the last eight years, Guyana has become one of the world's most taxed nations. To this end, we have seen the introduction of at least four new taxes including the increase in airline ticket taxes, the 33% increase in the US rates charged at Port Georgetown, the 2% turn over tax for businesses, the increase of departure taxes payable on departing Guyana. Under TUF Government you will see the implementation of a tax reform package that includes among other things -

* A reduction in the present income tax threshold

The United Force promises that all persons earning $30,000 or less shall pay no income tax and any income earned above $30,000 shall be taxable by ONLY 20%.

* Abolition of the 2% turnover tax payable by business to facilitate the re-investment of profits into local businesses;

* Reduction of the 45% Corporation tax
The United Force will reduce the current tax payable by Corporations and Companies to 25% on profits.

* Abolition of Property taxes;

* Reduction of Consumption taxes on locally manufactured goods by 50%;

* Reduction of Capital gains taxes on profits to 10%;

* Reduction of consumption taxes and duties payable on purchase of motor vehicles thereby making cars affordable to all.

The United Force feels that the creation of jobs is a number 1 priority. TUF will put in place the environment and the policies to attract investment (local and foreign) in our economy such as tax holidays. These policies and environment will pave the way for the development and expansion of the information technology industry, telecommunications and the eco-tourism industry, while maintaining and ensuring support to the manufacturing, mining, forestry and agriculture industries.
The wage rate in Guyana can only rise if there is greater demand for workers and no amount of Government increases will solve the problem. The answer lies in TUF's belief of a strong private sector creating good paying jobs. We pledge to create over 10,000 jobs annually in four areas/sectors, being Farming and Agro Industry; Construction & Transport; Manufacturing and Service Industry.

Education & youth development
A TUF Gov't will

* Modernize the University of Guyana to conform with international
tertiary education standards
* Introduce alliances or projects with international universities
* Offer better wage packages for teachers.
* Improve the quality and standard of our education system so that
"lessons" will no longer be a requirement for achievements.
* For young people who have not had the benefit of formal
education, TUF will provide Government funded youth skills
training programme with training centers nationwide to train in food preparation, fashion and design, craft and computer skills
* Funding for youth and their small businesses by providing small
loans at low interest rates

Fight against crime
TUF is strong in its fight against crime and believes in the maintenance of law and order and that the State's responsibility is to protect the citizens. We can do this by:
* Providing forensic facilities and training of police force;
* Amending crime legislation to adapt to the new crime fighting
* Providing higher wages and/or fringe benefits for the Police Force;
* Equipping the force with the necessary materials to fight crime and
* Ensuring the maintenance of law and order

In response to the cry of the rice farmers and the declining rice industry, a TUF government promises:
* A Rice Development Fund (RDF) with an initial capital of G$3Billion
* Absolute title for 50 acres to farmers to develop and to be used as collateral
* Introduction of new agricultural methods
* Programmes to run at Technical Institutes and the University of
Guyana to benefit the industry
* Set up a Committee comprising of farmers, millers, private sector and Government to formulate and implement a plan to protect farmers.

The United Force does not view the above issues as being the only sores plaguing our nation's development, but we believe that they are the stepping-stones to improving the standard and cost of living in Guyana. Come March 19, VOTE for national unity and jobs. VOTE for the rising SUN, VOTE THE UNITED FORCE. (Back to top)

Rise, Organize And Rally (ROAR)

Why you should vote ROAR

"Politics is of vital importance to the state," said Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher.
As you prepare to cast your vote in the upcoming election, it is vital that you give serious consideration to the meaning of your vote. When you cast your vote, you are choosing who will stand up for you, not only during the elections, but also for a long time afterwards. Your vote should not be taken lightly or out of fear.

Contrary to popular rhetoric, all is not well in Guyana.
Today, the PPP/Civic has been in government for 8 years - but people are still in fear of the PNC. Eight years after the dictatorship, Guyanese still live in fear of personal attacks
and harassment from those who should be protecting them. Eight years after the dictatorship, the economy is drowning in corruption and incompetence. The PPP has failed to answer the African Guyanese charges of exclusion from government and the Indian Guyanese physical security dilemma. Guyana has a political problem, which must have a political solution, and it allies in the strategic state.

At this time of crisis, when once again we can hear the threatening drumbeats, Guyana needs Strong Leadership.
The PPP have been consistently weak on every issue and it is you, the people, who have suffered. Strong leadership means confronting squarely the challenges that our country faces whether it be within our borders or when foreign aggressors violate our sovereignty. Weak leadership under the PPP has seen an explosion in lawlessness, corruption and incompetence.
Because of this weak leadership, ROAR was launched.

Like you, ROAR understands that -

* We work hard everyday, yet we live in fear of criminals and even some in our security forces.

* Guyana's motto promises One People, but our leaders lack the will to address our ethnic divisions.

* Our people pay high taxes, but get little services from the government.
* Our farms, forests and mines have limitless resources, but there is no real economic growth.
* Our country is being ruined by corruption, and the old-line parties ignore it.
There is no good reason why your vote should not be used to better your life and that of your children.

ROAR will fight for what you want:
* Safety and security for your family, your property and you
* A vibrant economy to create more real new jobs and investments
* An end to corruption - if convicted of taking a bribe, that person will be banned for life from work with any government office and his name published in all papers
* Equal opportunities for all Guyanese in the Civil Service, Judiciary, Police, the Army and all spheres of employment
* An improved education system to meet the needs of a global economy
* Strengthening of our diverse cultures and values to build a strong society
When Indians were beaten in January 1998, members of ROAR stood up for you. Where was the PPP/C?
After eight years of PPP/Civic, the Police, Army, Judiciary and the Civil Service are still heavily unbalanced - only ROAR has raised questions on your behalf. Where was the PPP/C? '
When Mr Joe Singh kept assuring everyone that all was well with the electoral process only ROAR asked the difficult questions that you were asking. Where was the PPP/C?
When rumours surfaced that the election will be postponed, and the Army will be called in to run the country, ROAR immediately asked for answers and challenged the Election Commission to confirm this information. Where was the PPP/C?
On all occasions, ROAR has challenged the PNC and Hoyte to stop their violence. We have constantly asked the PPP to stand up and represent the thousands of people who voted for them, but they continue to duck the tough questions. Such questions deserve
Only ROAR is fighting for your rights. Only ROAR is demanding fairness. Only ROAR is working to represent you.