Thirty-eight road deaths so far this year

Stabroek News
March 16, 2001

The Traffic Department by Wednesday had made out 14,871 cases countrywide, with 860 for speeding, 3,441 for overloaded vehicles, 3,283 for obstruction, and 2,354 for unlighted bicycles.

And up to Wednesday there were 27 accidents resulting in 38 deaths, and eight of the victims were children. For the corresponding period last year, there were 22 accidents resulting in 39 deaths, with seven of them being children. The police stated that in the face of data that presented an undesirable situation, it wished to reiterate its appeal to drivers of vehicles to desist from speeding because from all indications.

Pedestrians and other categories of road users were also advised to exercise care, courtesy, consideration, commonsense and caution when using the roads.