Private firm transcribing evidence books

Stabroek News
February 8, 2001

In an effort to have a timely hearing of the appeal in the election petition, the Supreme Court has hired a private firm to transcribe all 13 evidence books filled during the two-year trial.

Lawyers aligned with the government filed an appeal disputing the constitutional premise of Justice Claudette Singh's January 15, ruling that the legislation requiring voter ID cards contravened the Constitution. But a cross appeal filed by lawyers for the petitioner Esther Perreira cited evidence from the case which they believe the judge should have considered sufficient to render the results of the 1997 elections invalid.

This meant the books in which Justice Singh had hand written the evidence, needed to be put in typed form. Stabroek News understands the work was contracted out at a cost of over $2 million to the taxpayer. The task is expected to be completed next week

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