Phone company glitch disrupts internet services

Stabroek News
January 6, 2000

A system failure in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company Ltd (GT&T) internet site yesterday, resulted in a severe disruption of the service locally.

Consequently, local internet service providers (ISPs) were unable to provide their customers with mail during the course of the day.

Reports indicated that the disruption of the service, which started at about 0900 hrs left many businesses and other commercial entities who depended on the service, in a state of helplessness. Service was eventually restored last evening.

Contacted by Stabroek News, Chief Executive Officer of GT&T, Sonita Jagan, said she was only aware that a couple of components had to be replaced and promised to contact her technicians on the matter.

This newspaper also contacted ISPs to obtain a feedback on the consequences of the long breakdown.

Solutions 2000 said the disruption had resulted in its clients not being able to access the internet or mail services. Clients were only able to connect with other Solutions clients, but not with other ISP networks.

Questioned on the cause of the disruption, Solutions stated that GT&T had only said that it was experiencing difficulties and was not sure how long it would be before it could resolve the problem.

Other providers Guyana Net and Micro Designs Technology (MDT), had both earlier stated that the only communication they received from the telephone company was one which informed that the system was down and a promise to keep them informed on progress. A growing number of local companies and individuals undertake a range of transactions on the world wide web every day.)

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