Water St vendors to seek more time

City Council Round-Up
with Cecil Griffith
Stabroek News
November 20, 2000

To comply or not to comply ... is the big question facing scores of Water Street pavement vendors, following a High Court order delivered last month by Chief Justice, Desiree Bernard.

The Chief Justice had ruled on October 20 last, that these vendors must remove their goods and stalls from Water Street by 6 o'clock every evening, Monday to Saturday. They had been given one month to put themselves in order.

It now seems unlikely that this deadline will be met, since the vendors through one of their spokesmen revealed their intention to seek a delay of the Chief Justice's order by once again going to the court, on the issue.

The spokeman, Mr Bryan Pollard, disclosed on the weekly Demico House-sponsored One On One interview programme broadcast on GTV eleven last night, that the vendors had decided on this move because one of the conditions for their removal set out by the Chief Justice had not been achieved.

The ruling was that within the first two weeks of the order the vendors and City Hall would get together to work out arrangements for putting things in place. Mr. Pollard, who had been involved in a series of meetings and discussions on behalf of the pavement sellers with the City Hall administration and other bodies said on the programme that up to mid-afternoon last Friday no meeting had taken place with the municipal officials. Mr. Pollard said that apart from complying with the order of the court one major problem is finding a proper and safe location for storing the wide variety of goods, which are the property of the pavement vendors.

While acknowledging that the vendor problem is a complex one which needs the involvement of the City Council, the government, the business community and other stakeholders, Mr. Pollard who owns a stall in the Regent Street Arcade referred to the number of suggestions for relocating the Water Street sellers which have failed to bear fruit.

Among the sites he mentioned are the Stabroek market car park, the Fire Service area close to the Stabroek market and an unoccupied property on Water and Robb streets north of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI).

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