Women lawyers alarmed at domestic violence upsurge
Want more govt aid for women at risk

Stabroek News
October 7, 2000

The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) is alarmed at the upsurge of violent acts against women and wants the government to move more swiftly to aid those at risk.

A release from the GAWL yesterday said that it had become evident that the perpetrators of these crimes were becoming less and less abashed about their conduct and this was likely due to the perception that there was no sanction that would be meted out to them. The association noted that unfortunately many men in society condoned such conduct perpetrated by their fellow men against wives, spouses, girlfriends and children by their inaction and/or silence.

Noting that some women still seemed to be deluded into thinking that the violent conduct of their spouses would miraculously change, or would not worsen, it stated that the reality was that the behaviour and attitude usually got worse if it went unchecked, even resulting in murder. The release further stated that some women were caught in the cycle of violence, while others were of the view that they had no recourse or choices in the absence of employment, housing and other support mechanisms.

The GAWL urged that women immediately seek help when threatened by or experiencing domestic violence. It also challenged sociologists and social workers to extend their examination of causal issues of domestic violence and provide the nation with up-to-date information on matters which might be influencing the occurrences of domestic disputes.

It called on the government to move swiftly to provide tangible aid to women at risk. "We can never afford any of the violent deaths which are occurring from domestic disputes, and their horrific consequences for families especially children."

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