Trade Prados for bicycles

Wednesday Ramblings
Stabroek News
October 4, 2000

Judging by the generous girths on some of the government ministers maybe they should trade in their Prados for bicycles. How refreshing it would be and what a savings for the overburdened taxpayer. After all in 1998 the Office of the President spent $27M just on repairs to their cars. In contrast a fleet of 15 bicycles would cost around $300,000 although some serious welding to strengthen the frame might be necessary. It would be so lovely to see ministers, briefcase in one hand and smiling secretary on the crossbar huffing and puffing up and down Brickdam. The President who could probably give Godfrey Pollydore a run for his money could ride out to Parika every weekend in a peleton of panting bodyguards. Should an overseas dignitary visit, the Prime Minister could ask him boyishly, "Let's go for a ride on the sea wall"


Softly, softly the eight officials accompanying the four Guyanese/American athletes to the Sydney games packed their bags and slipped out of the country. Like Ninjas in the night. One can only wonder what these eight overworked persons have been doing for the overseas Guyanese athletes who disconcertingly talk in American accents. Polishing their toe nails? More relevant, what have these officials been doing to promote athletics in this country or sending even one resident Guyanese to compete in Sydney? Zilch. If Equatorial Guinea could send a swimmer who was in very real danger of drowning in the Olympic Pool surely we could send a one-legged marathoner or a blind archer who would get a standing ovation and put Guyana on the map?

The Machel Montano September Sizzler a few weeks ago must as usual have cost a lot of ladies a lot of money. One thousand plus for the tickets is the basic expense. Then comes the accessories because sister you know you can't go in that worn-out batty rider you used for Mash. So it's off to Bourda market for the neon orange micro skirt you saw last week while buying greens. $3000. Next matching spikes or platforms $2500. Thence to the salon to glue on some airbrushed scratch your ex-man's- eyes-out nails (1500) then a burgundy weave ($3500) with extra hair glue so it does not fly off when you are jumping up with Machel.

How extraordinary that M.L. Hackett would dignify this frivolous column with his ever so serious letter of 9.28.2000. Mr Hackett manages in less than two paragraphs to solve one of the great mysteries of mankind - nurture over nature. What is perhaps more important is that eternal question of whether chronic letter writers are thwarted journalists whose mothers swabbed their ears too vigorously as youngsters. It would be best not to start a debate on either of these issues as Stabroek News could probably use the newsprint for something better. Instead here are three questions for Mr Hackett to solve on behalf of mankind:

1. Is it true that Dolly the sheep is studying advanced calculus at Edinburgh University?

2. Are you related in any way to the American comedian Buddy Hackett?

3. Do you know why the hotel Le Meridien is referred to as "the Le Meridien Pegasus" when Le is French for the?

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