Vaughn offered to set up bust - witness

Stabroek News
October 4, 2000

A Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) witness told the court that Albert Vaughn, one of the three men charged with peddling some ten pounds of cocaine, had burst into tears and offered to set up a bust if he was let off the hook.

Oral Stoby was testifying yesterday when the car-chase cocaine trial involving Vaughn, Trenton Allicock and Morris Darr continued before Chief Magistrate, Paul Fung-A-Fat. The three were charged following a car chase in which gunfire was exchanged on August 11. The officer said that CANU decided to chase the green Path-finder after the officers made an unsuccessful attempt at Industrial Site, Georgetown, to stop the vehicle. He recalled that it was in the vicinity of Savage Street that he noticed Allicock pointing what appeared to be a gun in his direction.

He said that this prompted him to discharge a round in Allicock's direction, which shattered the Pathfinder's windscreen. According to the witness, it was in the vicinity of the East La Penitence Police Station that the Pathfinder actually slowed down.

Stoby swore that that gave him the opportunity to puncture the vehicle's rear tyres and apprehend Vaughn who immediately started begging for a chance. He recounted that Matthew Lyttle, his colleague, showed him a black plastic bag which he suspected contained cocaine.

He said he questioned Vaughn about the ownership of the bag and Vaughn replied that it was his. Moreso, he admitted that he had purchased it from Darr. Stoby said that at that point the defendant offered to set up a bust for him if he let him go this time.

He recalled that Vaughn started crying and relating the problems his family would face should Stoby turn him in. The CANU rank said that he placed his captives in the vehicle and took them back to CANU's headquarters, Man-dela Avenue.

There, officers Jeremy Mbozi and Andrew Pierre confirmed that the Pathfinder in CANU's custody was the same one they had trailed earlier that day.

He said both Vaughn and Allicock said the officers' accounts of what took place were true and accurate. Stoby also stated that he collected US$9,633 and $20,538, which Vaughn claimed as his, from the Pathfinder. The case continues on Thursday.

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