Amerindians in Micobie appeal to govt for land demarcation

Stabroek News
September 20, 2000

Amerindians in Micobie in Region 8 (Potaro/Siparuni) have called on government to urgently address the need for land demarcation in their community.

According to the Guyana Information Services (GIS), Captain Leonard Raymond told Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Vibert De Souza who visited the community on Monday, that "miners in the area are claiming that they have concessions over the land and the Amerindians in Micobie should not do farming on the land."

De Souza met with residents to discuss their problems and issues as part of his schedule for Amerindian Heritage Month.

Captain Raymond also stated that the water in the Tamachari River which runs through Micobie is polluted owing to dredging operations and the water cannot be used for domestic and other purposes, the GIS release said.

The Micobie village captain said that his main concern was that the community did not have a health outpost and that this posed a threat to the 300 residents. However, Raymond noted, there is one voluntary health worker who does not have adequate medical supplies.

Raymond observed too that Region 8 officials had several meetings with residents to share their concerns but nothing significant had happened, the GIS reported. Responding to the problems pointed out by the residents, De Souza promised to look into the matter while expressing his concern "over the behaviour of the regional officials."

De Souza also told the residents he needs a proposal for demarcation from the Captain and his councillors.

The minister was accompanied by Lloyd Andrews, Principal Regional Development Officer in the Amerindian Affairs ministry, GIS added.

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