$400M in contracts awarded for education sector

Stabroek News
September 17, 2000

The government has awarded over $400 million in contracts for the education sector covering the supply of furniture, basic learning aids and packages and the construction of a primary school.

Learning aids and packages for primary schools under the Primary Education Improvement Project are valued at US$1.1 million whilst the construction of the Graham's Hall Primary School is valued at $129.8 million.

Furniture are to be supplied to schools in regions three, five, six and ten to the value of $98 million. All of the projects in the education sector listed above are funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and were announced by Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, at his press conference yesterday.

Contracts were also awarded for the purchase of fire-fighting appliances and hoses for the Guyana Fire Service valued at 40,066 pounds sterling; for the purchase of film, cameras and accessories for the Guyana Elections Commission valued at $58.8 million; for the supply of paper for the Guyana Elections Commission to the tune of US$64,165; and for the purchase of equipment for the Guyana Television Broadcasting company valued at $39 million.

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