Central Surf Net opens its doors

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September 8, 2000

A $3.9 million internet cafe, Central Net Surf, opened its doors on Wednesday offering a wide range of services.

Conveniently located on Avenue of the Republic at Central Garage Inc, the cafe, equipped with ten terminals, caters for students from the University of Guyana, the Cyril Potter College of Education and schools across the country.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Managing Director of Central Garage Inc, John de Freitas, stated that his company which has been in the automotive business since 1919, was keen to venture into the high tech world of computers.

The models of vehicles with which he deals, de Freitas said, had become very computerised thus the impetus to develop the internet facility.

Also speaking at the opening was Manager of the facility, Dean Swamy, who has 12 years of experience working with computers. He stated that among the services being offered are e-mail, research, printing, fax and games. These could be accessed by the purchase of a ticket which will allow the users to log on to the system which is connected via a central frame. All terminals are equipped with headsets to ensure that persons are not disturbed when working.

The rates which range from $300 to $500 per hour dependent on the service needed, have been specially designed to cater for the targeted clientele. Swamy said that the centre also offered early opening and late closing hours, which could be extended depending on arrangements being made to accommodate users after the 9:00 pm official closing.

Other features of the location include free secured parking in the lot situated south of the facility, private booths, and an air conditioned centre where coffee is available for users.

The centre is also able to provide printing services in both colour and black and white, scanning of documents, digital photos and fax services.

Provision has also been made for the availability of a standby generator in the eventuality of a power failure.

There is also a hope that with a rise in demand, expansion would take place with the adding of software and computer repair services.

The centre was officially inaugurated following blessings by Fr John Persaud of the Church of the Ascension, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

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