US DEA, others to observe trial

Stabroek News
August 18, 2000

Representatives of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the US Customs Intelligence, the Canadian Anti- Narcotics Task Force and the UK Customs and Excise Intelligence Division were expected to arrive in the country last night to observe the trial of Maurice Darr, Albert Vaughn and Trenton Allicock who are charged with trafficking in cocaine.

The three were among five persons arrested last Friday by members of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit following an exchange of gunfire, the discovery of approximately five kilos of cocaine and the seizure of three vehicles.

Darr, Vaughn and Allicock pleaded not guilty to the offences and are to return to court today for trial.

Vaughn and Allicock were allegedly in a dark-coloured Pathfinder which was involved in a chase through several city streets. The prosecution's case was that Darr was observed handing over a package to the two at McDoom before they boarded the vehicle.

There have been reports of a Colombian connection with major cocaine trafficking in Guyana.

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