Teams of children pushing racial harmony challenges

Stabroek News
August 2, 2000

The Rights of Children (ROC) racial harmony activists have begun encouraging teams of young people to undertake one of 14 challenges over the next two months for racial harmony in their own communities.

The 14 challenges, according to a ROC release, can take the form of a signature campaign, or pledging exercise with painted handprints. Also suggested is an exhibition of the origins of the community as a challenge to portray where the different members of the communities came from through an exhibition of utensils, foods, fashion parades and religious material.

Teams are also being encouraged to take up a "Colour of Friendships" challenge by painting a mural in the community, creating an inter-ethnic dance, composing "Rhymes & Rhythms on Race", providing a snapshot on racial harmony, or creating a 30-second commercial.

The teams comprising three to 10 persons under 23 years of age are provided with a campaign kit containing all the details they need to set about their task.

The release stated that the community challenge campaign is under the new phase of "Holding Onto Friendships" launched recently. Hundreds of persons, identifying with the campaign message, placed their handprints on an 18-foot white metal banner under the title "Committed to Racial Harmony: Make Your Mark!" hung on the front of Guyana Stores Limited.

The campaign will culminate with a national rally and exhibition in mid-September, the release added.

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