Tow ship arrives for CGX oil rig

Stabroek News
July 22, 2000

The MV Northern Comrade, a heavy tow ship, arrived in Guyana's waters yesterday afternoon to haul the CGX Energy Inc oil rig from its location at the Horseshoe West target where it had unsuccessfully drilled for oil.

CGX said it was "extremely disappointed" that it would be demobilising its drilling equipment and support services from the Guyana-Suriname basin after several rounds of talks failed to have the rig return to its Eagle location.

The Canadian company, which was granted a licence in 1998 to explore for oil in Guyana's maritime jurisdiction, was chased away by Suriname gunboats on June 3. Since then efforts by the Guyana government to resolve the issue and have the rig return to its site have failed.

Founding member of CGX, Kamal Deokie, said the heavy tow ship arrived in Guyana yesterday afternoon and was heading out to the Horseshoe West location where it was expected to commence towing the C.E. Thornton, which had been leased from the American company R.B. Falcon, to Chaguaramas, Trinidad, before continuing to Houston, USA.

CGX has reiterated that it will vigorously protect its commercial rights and as soon as the dispute between Guyana and Suriname is settled it will return to its Eagle and Wishbone targets.

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