Lewis urges analytical approach to investigating

Stabroek News
July 11, 2000

Commissioner of Police, Laurie Lewis, yesterday stated the need for police to be more analytical in their investigations.

Speaking at the launching of the Junior Officer's Course (part 2) and CID Junior Investigators Course, at the Police Officers' Mess Annexe, Eve Leary, Lewis said that he was amazed at the "lack of progressive thinking" used by investigators to "draw inferences from an investigation." He said that far too often there was the tendency for investigators to rely on a statement and a confession. He urged the participants, among whom were also ranks from the Guyana Prison Service, Guyana Defence Force and the City Constabulary to increase their analytical work. He challenged them not to just do their duty because it was required to be done but to look beyond that, into the future. "It is the one way to improve yourselves," he said.

"Irrespective of age, there is the need to develop yourselves," he said and this could only be done through personal training. The commissioner also made a call for police to maximise on the limited resources available to them so as to achieve better results.

Some 40 participants were scheduled to take part in the two courses lasting six weeks. In the CID Junior Investigators Course, participants will be afforded a two-weeks course at the University of Guyana with the remaining four at the Police Training School. The Junior Officers' Course will also be held at the training school.

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