Survivor lucky to be alive
- relatives

Stabroek News
July 4, 2000

Kester Williams, one of three survivors in Sunday morning's fatal crash on the Soesdyke Public Road which claimed the lives of three, was lucky to be alive, family members said yesterday.

Speaking with Stabroek News at the injured man's bedside, at the Georgetown Hospital, Sandra Dodson, Williams's 48-year-old mother, disclosed that her son had been sitting at the front seat of the RZ mini-bus at the time of the accident and was extremely lucky since the two other persons, 27-year-old driver Lennox Alleyne and Andre Burrowes, 16, who were also in the front, were killed.

Dodson disclosed that her son, a father of three, who lives at Lot 33 Victoria Road, Plaisance, would normally travel to her home at McDoom Village, East Bank Demerara from where the ill-fated mini-bus, a blue RZ, BGG 8592, would pick him up to take him to work.

The mother revealed that on Sunday morning, at about 0620 hrs, she saw her son, a supervisor at Stain Masters (Guy) Ltd, get into the front seat of the mini-bus. She was in church when she received the message that her son had been involved in an accident.

Williams, according to family members, seemed stable although the extent of his head injuries could not be determined without the necessary brain scans.

Three persons were killed and two injured early Sunday morning when a mini-bus, carrying employees of Stain Masters (Guy) Ltd to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, ran off the Coverden Public Road and smashed into a electrical post.

The driver, Alleyne, employees, Burrowes and Joel Edwards, were killed while Maylene Frank and Williams were both admitted to the hospital. A sixth person, Malcolm Reid escaped without serious injury.

Hospital sources yesterday told this newspaper that both of the injured persons had suffered head injuries.

The mini-bus, this newspaper understands, was contracted by Stain Masters (Guy) Ltd to transport employees to the airport. The company has the contract to clean the airport.

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