PPP says govt to continue efforts for justice in killing of Rodney

Stabroek News
June 14, 2000

The People's Progressive Party said yesterday that the PPP/Civic government "shall continue efforts, at the highest level, to bring to justice the perpetrators" of the killing of renowned Guyanese historian-politician, Dr Walter Rodney twenty years ago.

A statement from the PPP yesterday also asserted that "this is an opportune moment for the PNC to come forward and account for Rodney's death." "It must come clean," the PPP declared, "if it wishes to contribute meaningfully to unity and reconciliation."

In the release, the PPP said that June 13, 1980 will be memorialized in the annals of Guyanese history, and the tragic day had cast a giant shadow over the nation.

According to the PPP, it was a reflection of the brutality of the times. It added that the party had formed part of and worked with progressive sectors of the society and stood in fraternal solidarity with Rodney throughout the difficult days of the PNC's authoritarianism.

"The principles which were intrinsic to Dr Walter Rodney's ideas and to the acts he sought to implement must remain sacred. Peace, justice, freedom and above all, racial unity are indivisible tenets that Guyanese place a high premium on," the release noted.

The PPP further stated that it is committed to working with those progressive elements of Guyanese society to achieve each and every one of those tenets, more importantly, racial unity.

"To attain this objective the PPP will continue to demonstrate solidarity with members of the family of Dr Walter Rodney," the statement added.

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