CGX oil rig to take up position in a few days

Stabroek News
June 1, 2000

The oil rig contracted by CGX Energy Inc will be in place in a few days off the coast of Guyana in the Corentyne concession close to the Guyana/Suriname boundary.

There is a dispute brewing over exactly whose waters the company will be exploring in, but this is being handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Minister Clement Rohee could not be contacted again yesterday for a comment on the matter. His office said he was at meetings when telephone calls were made by this newspaper to the minister.

There has been some activity at the diplomatic level where correspondence was sent from Paramaribo through Guyana's Ambassador to Suriname, Karshanjee Arjun, seeking clarification about the exploration of oil fields in the area. Knowledgeable persons have said that concessions had been granted in the area on at least three previous occasions. It was pointed out that from time to time there was a hue and cry about territorial issues especially during the elections period in the neighbouring countries.

Suriname has just concluded its general elections though the results are not yet conclusive.

The area under contention is located just off the mouth of the Corentyne River. Suriname has never granted concessions in this area.

Late last year, Venezuela also accused Guyana of granting an oil exploration concession to a foreign company in its waters. It contended that the markers for the area were incorrectly placed.

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