Rebuilt $21M Blake Primary School commissioned

Stabroek News
May 30, 2000

The newly-commissioned Blake Primary School in Region Three can now accomodate 240 students and has been equipped with a headteacher's office, staffroom, kitchenette, library, water storage system, sanitary block and new electrical facilities.

The project was funded through the Primary Education Improvement Programme for some $21 million under a loan agreement between the Guyana government and the Inter-American Development Bank, the Guyana Information Services (GIS) said in a release yesterday.

Delivering the feature address at the ceremony last Wednesday, Education Minister, Dr Dale Bisnauth stated that since taking office over 700 school buildings would have been rehabilitated, built or repaired towards this yearend.

"Yet there are still so many other buildings that need attention and some new ones in the new housing areas," the Education Minister said.

He observed that whilst buildings are important, what is more important in the final analysis is what happens inside of the buildings - and "this is where the teachers are important".

Dr Bisnauth then appealed to all teachers to care for the children and to remember that their future lies in their hands.

He told teachers, GIS reported, "if you neglect to do your work and care for these children and for their future, not only would you be untrue to your own sense of professionalism but you will be doing a great disservice to a number of generations of Guyanese children."

Blake Primary School, formerly known as the Blake Church of Scotland School, was originally a small one-flat 'V' shaped building that offered both academic and religious training.

The minister acknowledged the work of the Presbyterian Church in pioneering the education drive shortly after emancipation and expressed government's appreciation for the role the church played.

The headteacher of the school, Bhukham, promised to use the new learning environment to bring about the total development of the students.

He also pledged to ensure that the structure and its related facilities are properly maintained, the GIS reported.

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