Lawyers in elections petition close cases

Stabroek News
May 18, 2000

A light appeared yesterday at the end of the tunnel as lawyers in the elections petition closed their cases and set Monday for addresses.

Twenty-one months and exactly 300 witnesses later--283 from the respondents--Doodnauth Singh representing Chief Election Officer Stanley Singh closed his case followed by Senior Counsel Ralph Ramkarran for the third named respondent Janet Jagan, and Senior Counsel Rex McKay for Desmond Hoyte.

Raphael Trotman representing the petitioner Esther Perreira advised the court that the petitioner would not condone any respondent that had not already been heard. He remarked that Saphier Hussein had shown some interest in the case initially but had mysteriously died off lately and he noted how famous Hussein was for his constitutional motions!

McKay suggested the court notify all the parties to the case as to the closing of the case before final addresses start this Monday.