Vehicle held in botched robbery had light tints

Stabroek News
April 24, 2000

A vehicle held in the failed robbery two weeks ago on the Manageress of Yuppies Trading Depot was equipped with lightly tinted screens.

A check on the car which is lodged in the Brickdam Police Station revealed that there is a tint on the back screen and at the top and bottom of the front screen but none was seen on the windows.

The tint although believed to be of the suggested lightness is thought to have allowed the occupants of the vehicle to be obscured from the view of onlookers who might have noticed suspicious actions.

The issue of tinted glass on motor vehicles sparked a controversy when a decision was taken by Parliament on the advice of the police authorities to ban heavy shades of the material.

The police had at the time stated that the measure was being implemented to curb the spate of robberies being committed using vehicles bearing the heavy tints.

Since the April 4, 1999 date stipulated by law for the removal of the material from vehicle glasses many owners were forced to comply as they were being denied fitness.

However in recent times there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of vehicles bearing tints.