Twelve bids submitted for development of city sites

Stabroek News
April 16, 2000

Twelve bids have been submitted for the development of a number of sites in the city to the Georgetown Municipality. The sealed documents were officially opened on Friday.

The areas to undergo development were identified as Luckhoo Swimming Pool in Kingston, the municipal markets at Kitty, Bourda, Stabroek, La Penitence and Ruimveldt and a wharf at Howes Street Charlestown.

These locations, which were advertised by the Mayor and City Council, are to be leased following a successful bidding process by local organisations interested in developing them.

Among the bids received were those from King Solomon Enterprises (KSE)/CMS Ltd, which applied for leases to develop the second floor of the Kitty Municipal Market, the Howes Street Wharf and the Luckhoo Swimming Pool site. Local timber giants A Mahazarally and Sons placed a bid for the development of the Howes Street wharf site.

Other bids for the wharf area came from Caribbean Seafoods Inc, Umana Enterprises, Superfine Fabricating and Trading Enterprise, Philpan Investment Ltd and Allied Engineering which all proposed to develop the surrounding area.

Apart from KSE/CMS there were proposals from JE and Associates and Umana Enterprises for the development of the Luckhoo pool.

They were also submissions by the East Ruimveldt Investment and Development Group who filed applications for the upgrading of the East Ruimveldt and La Penitence markets, and an individual Shameer Khan for the lease of land at Freeman Street, East La Penitence.

Following the opening of the sealed bids, Deputy Mayor, Robert Williams, stated that the documents would go to a committee of the council, which with the assistance of necessary technical support would short-list those that merited serious consideration. He said that the successful ones would be presented to the council at a meeting for consideration.

Following the opening of the bids there were queries by Williams as to whether all present were satisfied that they had heard their bids being announced. (Oscar P. Clarke)