Students found by cops playing at Nintendo clubs during school hours

Stabroek News
April 3, 2000

Fifty-three schoolchildren were held by police after they were found playing nintendo games at several clubs around Georgetown on March 10 and 31 when they should have been in school.

A press release from the Guyana Police Force on Saturday said the Police Juvenile Branch in order to deal with truancy and juvenile delinquency, conducted raids on five nintendo game clubs around Georgetown.

A total of 53 children from secondary and primary schools and one who did not attend school, were found playing games at the time when they should have been in school.

Police said the parents and the relevant agencies have been advised accordingly. The law enforcement officers are urging nintendo clubs not to encourage or allow schoolchildren access to the clubs when they should be in school.

Stabroek News spoke yesterday with a few shop owners who have one or two nintendo machines installed at their establishments. They claimed that they did not sell the coins needed for the machines to children during school hours.

These owners all claimed they were not raided by the police. They said they learnt that the raids were conducted at the established clubs in the city.

According to information, most of these clubs are located close to city schools.

The Police said they will continue their efforts to deal with this situation.