Lawyers to file contempt motion against Rickey Singh

Stabroek News
March 28, 2000

Lawyers in the elections petition are to file a motion for contempt of court against correspondent Rickey Singh over an article in this week's Sunday Chronicle.

Yesterday in court, Senior Counsel Rex McKay drew Justice Claudette Singh's attention to Sunday's column, written by Rickey Singh, who McKay described as a "well-known PPP supporter, living beyond this country's jurisdiction."

McKay said that in the column Rickey Singh referred to the conduct of elections and the CARICOM audit... "this statement appears to be seeking to influence the results of the election and if that is so we believe it is contempt of court."

McKay noted that the CARICOM audit only sampled the results of the election.

Senior Counsel Peter Britton, who is representing the petitioner Esther Perreira added that he has constantly stressed that "the petition has nothing to do with counting of votes but the electoral process."

"Hiding from the law in Barbados does not exculpate the writer from the long arm of the law," said McKay. "Your honor, what he is saying is that this proceeding is a waste of time. He has made a finding."

McKay and Britton said they would file a motion for contempt of court shortly.