Conductor fined $15,000 for 28-person mini-bus

Stabroek News
March 9, 2000

Magistrate Dawn Holder-Alert yesterday fined a mini-bus conductor $15,000 after he was found carrying 28 persons in his mini-bus, 13 over the legal number of persons allowed.

Michael Exeter of 165 David Street, Kitty pleaded guilty to a charge of carrying more persons than permitted.

Exeter refuted the police claims that he was carrying 13 above the limit. The conductor, instead, said that he had only four extra and they were all schoolchildren. He said that the police had something against him as they had recently placed him before the courts on seven charges and were evidently "now out to get him."

According to the police, on Tuesday Exeter was the conductor on BGG 7463 when it was stopped by a police rank on the Eastern carriageway of the Avenue of the Republic. Police said that 28 persons were in the vehicle at the time of the routine check.

The magistrate admonished and reminded him of what happened on Monday when another mini-bus carrying 28 persons crashed resulting in the death of 12 persons.