US Embassy business facilitation centre offers e-commerce

Stabroek News
February 4, 2000

Guyanese can now do business with Americans via cyberspace with the launching of the American Business Facilitation Centre website.

US Ambassador James Mack said at the launching yesterday at the US Embassy, Duke Street, Kingston that one the many benefits of globalisation has been the advance in telecommunications. Mack noted that through the internet, people could now obtain and transmit enormous amounts of information about products as well as the people and companies offering them.

He noted that they could also buy and sell goods, services and technology, follow any stock market in the world and buy and sell stock on line. Business partners could also be sought and investment opportunities sourced almost instantaneously. By cutting out the middle man, business people could in many cases do all these more cheaply, he added.

According to Mack, this aspect of globalisation has levelled the playing field for small businesses and countries like Guyana. He said providing information and facilitating trade and investment are seen as key roles of the US embassy here.

Mack explained that the embassy's commercial section was renamed the Business Facilitation Centre so as to facilitate and make easier business transactions between Guyana and the US. "We believe strongly that by doing this everybody--Guyanese and American--wins," declared Mack.

He described the separate internet website as a one stop shopping centre for e-commerce and for business related and investment information. The website contains links to business-related websites in the US and Guyana.

By clicking on the website, there would be complete electronic access to the US economy which is both the largest importer and exporter in the world as well as the largest supplier of investment capital and technology.

Economic Officer, Thomas Carroll, explained that products could be bought online from the US and payment made with credit cards. He said that by buying online, Guyanese business people need not travel with large amount of money to the US to buy products. They could do it from their own homes.

Commercial Assistant, Trudy Wong-Yu, took journalists through the website explaining how to access information about businesses and their goods and services.