Clerk, brother released

Stabroek News
January 18, 2000

Clerk and relief cashier at the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), Juliet Wahid and her brother Ricky, who had been held by the police in connection with the $13 million robbery at the entity were released on bail yesterday.

Last Monday, bandits armed with submachine guns and grenades, brazenly held up a cashier at NIS and escaped with $13 million. One week after, although a $1 million reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the three men involved in the robbery, police have been unable to find them or the car used. Information given to the police on the whereabouts of the car has proved useless.

Wahid and her brother, who were held the day after the robbery, were sent on station bail yesterday and have to report to the police on requested dates.

Relatives of the two had applied for writs of habeas corpus in the High Court to have them produced before the court. Justice B.S. Roy had issued an order directing Commissioner of Police, Laurie Lewis, to show reason why he should not produce the Wahids before the court and why they should not be immediately released. The judge had also ordered that the two be allowed to see a doctor.

Relatives had cited police brutality and denial of medical attention and to an attorney in the case of Ricky Wahid. Justice Roy had also ordered that the male Wahid be allowed to see his lawyer.

Lewis was given a day to file answer in reply and was expected to appear in court again yesterday. However, the two detainees were released yesterday.

A special force has been assembled by the police to search for the men involved in the robbery.

One bandit had threatened to blow up the place if the cashier on duty did not hand over the cash she had, while another sat among pensioners disguised as one of them with a submachine gun concealed in a bag. The men calmly walked out of the compound and escaped in the waiting car which had been parked opposite the office. No shots were fired.

Linden London known as 'Blackie' is one of the major suspects in the robbery because of the audacious manner in which it was done. In a similar daring and calculated way London was said to have staged the robbery of a cambio and a cambio dealer in September last year in a hail of gunplay that left several people injured. He eluded an elaborate police dragnet, but not before one of his accomplices, Terry Madhoo known as 'Rusty' was killed.

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