Annual report shows successful economic performance
- Luncheon
- $150M for East Demerara conservancy, new police station for Grove

By Miranda La Rose
Stabroek News
January 8, 2000

The government believes that it has enjoyed a successful year in 1999.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon at a recent press briefing said even by the most exacting standards, the government has been successful in discharging its plan for 1999. He said the annual report on Guyana's economic performance would attest to this.

The economy is currently averaging growth above 2.5 per cent for this year.

And Luncheon said in the social sectors, the government's thrust to redistribute wealth and provide social services were addressed in the past year and will continue to be addressed this year.

Hosting his final press briefing for the year, Luncheon also announced the award of contracts to construct a new police station at Grove worth $6 million and funded by the government. He also said that 195,000 pounds sterling in education material was procured under the Primary Education Improvement Project and the Soesdyke and St Mary primary schools are to be rehabilitated with contracts of $28 million awarded for each.

Under agriculture, a contract of $9 million was awarded for the construction of the farm-to-market roads from Supenaam to Charity and to rehabilitate the East Demerara Conservancy, a $150 million contract was awarded.

In the case of the latter, Luncheon noted the actual and potential threat to the conservancy from rain and the rising sea level.

And in terms of appointments to boards, Ulric Ramanah has been named chairman of the Demerara Harbour Bridge board while Mark.

Fernandes, S. Hussein, Rickford Lowe and Ivor English as well as a representative of the Ministry of Finance are board members.

The board for the deep water shipping facility in Berbice was also named and they are to elect their chairman from among themselves. The members are S. Thomas, George Howard, Julian Archer and Larry Bryant.

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