Bandits rob city businessman's home

Guyana Chronicle
December 22, 1999

POLICE yesterday reported that bandits carted off more than $2.2M in cash, jewellery and other items from the home of a manager of the C&F Meat Centre on Regent Street.

According to the Police information received, Mr Paul Fraser of Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, was in the yard feeding his son on Monday at about 20:30 hrs when he saw a car stop in front of his house.

He got up to inquire what was the problem but the car drove off.

The Police say Fraser finished feeding his son and went back inside but left a western door downstairs open.

It was through this door that three men armed with guns entered the home, tied up Fraser and ransacked the house.

Fraser said he managed to free himself and ran after the men but they fired shots after him and he had to seek cover, Police said.

Among the items reported missing are about $2.2M in gold jewellery, $15,000 cash, a cellular phone valued at $45,000, two cameras costing $360,000, a VCR valued $55,000, a stereo set costing $30,000, compact discs worth $80,000, two wrist watches valued at $160,000 and a cordless phone.

Police are investigating.

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