Police campaign against traffic offenders

by Robert Bazil
Guyana Chronicle
October 26, 1999

And high time too, some say

THE `aggressive' campaign launched by the Police last week against traffic offenders, in an effort to curb the carnage on the streets, continued yesterday.

Many vehicles were hauled in for mechanical and other defects, and drivers were either issued with tickets or charged and placed before the Courts.

In comments which the Chronicle sought from members of the public yesterday, there was wide-spread support for the Police action.

Here are some of the comments gleaned:

** Mukesh Daby - Managing Director, DM Sales Limited (Regent Street): "I support the Police actions wholeheartedly against people who are in breach of the law. What I will not subscribe to however, is the harassing of innocent people which can lead to a lot of time being wasted."

** Concerned Citizen - "While I am not condoning the kind of lawlessness taking place on our roads, I think the traffic situation has reached this state because the Police Force lacks vision. The Force, to my mind, needs people with an analytical mind to come up with ideas that can lead to corrective action.

"It is all well and good for the Police to blame speeding as a factor for the road carnage, but it is my view that there are so many other factors which also need urgent attention, including the road-worthiness of vehicles; type of tyres used on the vehicles; systems used to issue fitness; over-crowding, loud and vulgar music, and educating the commuter.

"One question that should be asked is, why would a commuter join a vehicle that is already crowded? Should the public be educated more?

"In addition, I have observed that there are a number of traffic lights that are not operational, pedestrian crossings need repainting, among other things..

"If it is speeding or careless driving, then the Police are in their right to enforce the law. But the Police must ensure that the Force acquires the necessary tools such as speedometers to effectively deal with the situation in a scientific way."

** A Foreigner - "From what I have seen since I'm here, the Police have a long way to go before they can get a grip on the situation. Also, with the way I see people drive here, most of them need to be taken back into the classroom to be taught the basics, beginning with courtesy and the other ethics of driving.

"Nevertheless, whatever the Police are doing is the law, and has to be carried out, but definitely a lot of drivers here need to be better educated."

** Another Citizen - "I have no problem with the Police action, once it is systematic and sustained. We know too well what happens when the Police start a campaign, it runs for a week or two and that's it.

"With the scarcity of human resources in the Force, I do hope that other areas such as dealing with bandits, and petty crimes are not left unattended."

** Concerned Citizen - "This kind of action to deal with the lawlessness on our roads is long overdue. The Commissioner is right in what he is doing.

"But the campaign must include everyone, even government vehicles, some of which are also being driven carelessly.

"Some roads like Homestretch Avenue and Carifesta Avenue are, at varying times of the day, turned into racing circuits.

"Something has got to be done and if drivers only understand aggressive methods, that will have to be it."

** Melville Marshall, Proprietor, Village Couture Boutique -

"The Police definitely had to do something to curb these road deaths, it is already out of hand. For a small country like ours, why do we have to have such huge road death figures, it should not have even passed 25.

"In North America road accidents are deemed as murder. Why can't we get drastic too. The campaign should be an ongoing thing, especially when we think of our already limited human resources, people migrating everyday. If this wanton killing continues, soon there will be hardly people left."

** Bishop Randolph George - "I feel the campaign is timely with what is taking place on our roads today.

"However, we need the presence of more traffic Police all the year round, as there is this impression of "do as you like" being manifested.

"The campaign is bound to do a lot of good. People have to realise there are rules with which they have to abide. Yes, I welcome it."

** Senior Official of City Primary School - "I feel the campaign is needed because of the situation on our roads today. I think the Police should have signalled their intention of starting the campaign.

"Today a number of children came late to school late saying there was no transportation.

"I am of the view that other workers also suffered. You see people use the public transport to get to work and other places and in the circumstances they need to be prepared for such a situation."

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