City Hall to re-open front gates of Stabroek Market

by Terrence Esseboom
Guyana Chronicle
September 30, 1999

MORE than one month after closing three of the Stabroek Market's front gates, City Hall will re-open them, satisfied that all danger has passed, according to a press release from the authority said.

The release from City Hall said that $900,000 has so far been spent on remedial works to the market. The critical areas were the bell tower and the eastern dome, both of which were in danger of collapsing. And it was estimated that repairs to the dome will cost $10M, while work on the bell town was anticipated to cost $8M.

However, inadequate financing to continue repairs has forced the authority to re-open the gates, the statement said.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) had agreed to prioritise renovation works to the century-old steel structure.

At a recent Statutory Meeting, Councillors had decided that works will continue for two months at a cost of $2M to remove the danger.

"The problem of the structural soundness of the market still remains to be addressed urgently," the release said.

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