"New Geography of Guyana"

by Sharon Lall
Guyana Chronicle
July 14, 1999

THE University of Guyana (UG) was presented with another book by a Guyanese author.

Mr Deryck Bernard, Senior Lecturer in Geography at UG, and former Minister of Education, presented Ms Doreen Holder, UG Librarian (Acting) with several copies of his book, "A New Geography of Guyana".

The author describes his book as the study of the earth as seen in Guyana and the relationships between human settlement and the earth as the home of man.

It was written particularly to enable young Guyanese students to learn about their country.

It takes a comprehensive look at the physical and human geography, using the major systematic divisions of the subject to organise the material.

Detailed consideration is given to resources and development such as mining, forest products and fishing.

The relationship between environmental conditions and human activity is explored in the rice industry and sugar cane farming, where irrigation and drainage conditions are favourable, and in other agricultural activities.

The author considers both geographical and historical factors affecting the demography, with a look at towns and settlements, manufacturing, trade, tourism and transport.

The book is illustrated throughout with maps, photographs and diagrams.

There are also suggestions for field work, and students are encouraged to employ and enjoy the skills of observation so as to develop their own knowledge.

This book was published in London by Macmillan.

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