Protesters beat Police officer

Guyana Chronicle
June 17, 1999

A POLICE officer was yesterday beaten by a mob of protesters at the 1763 Monument Square, after he had arrested a man who stoned a Government minister's vehicle as he arrived for the annual Enmore Martyrs rally to the Le Repentir cemetery in Georgetown.

A statement from the Police said that at about 07:00 hours yesterday Police ranks were on duty at the square during the Enmore Martyrs wreath-laying ceremony, when, on arrival of a Government minister, a man from a group of protesters pelted a stone at his vehicle.

A Superintendent of Police on duty arrested the man, but a group of about 25 persons pounced on the cop and beat him. The arrested man was freed from the custody of the officer and escaped.

Police said that the Superintendent received injuries to his right hand, lost his cap badge and his uniform was damaged.

He was treated at a hospital.

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