Road lawlessness continues

Guyana Chronicle
May 6, 1999

THE recent spate of deaths in road accidents is worrying and the Police expressed their concern in a statement yesterday.

A Police statement said Commissioner Laurie Lewis, will in two weeks convene a special meeting with various ranks of the Traffic Department to review the current traffic situation and intensify law enforcement on the roadway.

That session is billed for Sunday, May 16.

"The Guyana Police Force takes this opportunity to offer sincere condolences to the parents, relatives and friends of all those who have lost their lives on the roads and, is also calling on all members of the public to assist the Police in dealing with traffic violators by reporting breaches," the statement added.

It said persons can contact the relevant departments at telephone numbers 69431, 72272, 71152, 56411 and 60869.

The Police, understandably, have become very concerned over the number of road accidents, especially fatal ones, which have been occurring in recent times.

The Police say it is evident that many of these accidents result from speeding motorists.

To date there have been 61 road fatalities, compared to 45 recorded deaths in the corresponding period last year, according to the Police.

Despite repeated pleas, the Police said persons continue to use the roadway in a reckless manner.

"The Police Force is once again appealing to all road-users to remember the five C's - Care, Courtesy, Consideration, Common-sense and Caution.

"The Police Traffic Department will be intensifying the enforcement activities to ensure compliance with the traffic laws. Those who continue to break the law with impunity are hereby warned."

We endorse the stand being taken by the Police in this situation because too many lives are being lost and too many people injured because of reckless behaviour.

We also again urge that a stronger stand be taken against people driving under the influence of alcohol because of the inherent dangers.