Ramsammy to look into the welfare of N.A. doctors
Guyana Chronicle
December 12, 2001

THE Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, has planned measures to improve the general well being of doctors at the New Amsterdam Hospital, a report from the Government Information Agency (GINA) stated Monday.

The release said that this step was motivated by the inability of hospital staff to locate doctors when an emergency arises at the hospital.

Dr. Ramsammy noted, ‘Notwithstanding the fact that doctors work long hours and under tremendous constraints, I have decided to seek funds which will allow better access to and improved facilities for medical practitioners."

"We want to immediately start the construction of living accommodation for doctors at the hospital. And with an aim of locating these practitioners in cases of emergencies, we will provide beeper service or cellular phones."

Once these services are provided, it is anticipated that the problem of locating doctors in cases of emergencies will be greatly reduced.

Dr. Ramsammy said, "The Government, through this Ministry, is making every attempt to resolve the situation at the New Amsterdam Hospital."

He added, "Doctors need to work with the Ministry and try to solve any problem they might have, but abandoning their post and inevitably the patients, is not the solution."

"We, the staff of the entire hospital sector, need to have a good relationship, and the first move will come from me. I will work with the doctors to alleviate any problem they might have at the hospital," the Health Minister said. (GINA)