Inquest finds Police criminally concerned win Shafeek death
Guyana Chronicle
November 28, 2001

A THREE-MAN jury, sitting with Coroner Cecil Sullivan, yesterday returned a unanimous verdict that the Police were criminally concerned with the death of Mohammed Shafeek, the fisherman who died in custody during the September 3, 2000 weekend.

The dead man was in the lock-ups at Brickdam Police Station after being arrested for loitering on a wharf, also in Georgetown.

After listening to a 15 minutes summation by Mr. Sullivan, the jurors concluded that Police Lance Corporal Playter and others were implicated in the unlawful killing.

Earlier, attorney-at-law Mr. Sanjeev Datadin, representing the Police, had urged the tribunal to disregard the testimony of the witness Nigel McKenzie, saying he, too, was a suspect in the case, who was being detained at the same time.

Relatives of the deceased said they were pleased at the outcome but Playter signed deeply and looked distressed as it was made known.

Shafeek’s widow, Seeta Nauth said she was overjoyed and satisified that the inquest has paved the way for justice to take its course.

Other attorney-at-law Mr. Basil Williams, who was looking into the interest of the victim's family, acknowledged some relief at this stage.

He declared that the ball is now in the Court of the Director of Public Prosecutions who must decide whether to institute charges against members of the Police Force who have been found criminally liable.