Athletes should be trained in Cuba - Justice Harper
Guyana Chronicle
November 18, 2001

FORMER president of the Guyana Olympic Association, Justice Rudolph Harper, proposed that Cuba should be the place for Guyanese athletes to go for expert training.

During last Sunday’s GOA Golden Mile presentation ceremony, Justice Harper declared: “In my view, the best Pan-American country in the world is Cuba”

Justice Harper pointed out that the awards Cuba received in the Pan-American Games were far more than USA or Canada per capita.

“I am glad to hear our country has started again dealing with Cuba - the president has said 300 scholarships; I hope 50 of those will be for athletes because if we go to Cuba, we will be well trained” Harper said.

Minister of Sport Gail Teixeira announced there are five-year scholarships to read for degrees in Physical Education with all expenses paid by Cuba, including a US$50 per month stipend.

The minister disclosed that national associations were asked to submit nominees by January next year.

“This is at the International School of Physical Education in Cuba. They have everything - computers and top notch professors in sport” Minister Teixeira said.

The sports minister also said there is a sport agreement with the Cubans and the ministry has been asking the national association of their needs.

“Cuba is highly respected in sport,” Minister Teixeira said.

At another forum, visiting Australian sport consultant, Mark Warmington, pointed out that Cuba had the second highest haul of 1.8 medal per million people at recent Sydney Olympics. (Isaiah Chappelle).