Traffic cops to increase vigilance
Guyana Chronicle
November 4, 2001

THE Police Traffic Department will be increasing its vigilance this time of the year and deviant road users will be dealt with condignly according to the law.

The Police Traffic Department made this known in a press release which further advised all categories of road users to exercise more care and attention when using the roadways, especially with the advent of the festive season, when traffic on the roads is expected to increase.

"More than often, despite the efforts of the Traffic Department and the Force in general, fatal accidents continue to occur which result not only in death, but in loss of property", the department said.

It added that based on analysis, the conclusion is that the main contributory factors that cause accidents are speeding, careless and negligent use of the roadways, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

"Drivers of vehicles particularly those of mini-buses, continue to show disregard for life and property by the reckless manner in which they use their vehicles" the statement noted.

Drivers are asked to once again observe the speed limit and to be on the lookout for fellow road users.

The force is also calling on all road users to exercise due care and attention, consideration and commonsense when using the roadways.