President appeals for Berbicians to join Police Force

Guyana Chronicle
June 13, 2001

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo has made an appeal to the young people of Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) to become members of the Guyana Police Force.

While on a visit to Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) last weekend, President Jagdeo met residents of several areas and listened to their concerns.

When persons raised the question of ethnic imbalance in the law-enforcing agency, the President urged them to join the Police Force. He disputed the criticism of low salaries in the Force by explaining that a Police Constable now takes home $29,000 per month.

The prevention of crime was the focus of the meetings, and the Guyanese leader urged residents to set up Community Policing groups to protect their areas. He assured them that members of such groups will receive training from the Police Force.

At a meeting with residents at the Rose Hall, Canje Community Centre on Saturday, President Jagdeo advised residents to form a Community Policing group with guidance from Mr. Glasgow who is responsible for the setting up of the groups. The President announced that two firearms will be issued to the group to be used on patrols. He explained that the weapons will be lodged at the Police Station during the day and uplifted at nights.

Residents at Canje told President Jagdeo they are faced with several problems and he said that the Ministers who are responsible for the various sectors will be sent to the areas to look at the problems.

Some of the problems facing residents are poor drainage and irrigation systems, the lack of telephones and the slow process of tender board procedures. President Jagdeo toured the Port Mourant market and met residents who were shopping. He listened to their several problems and concerns. He also had meetings at Port Mourant Train Line Dam, Nigg and Chesney. (Guyana Information Services)