Ministry aims to make every child functionally literate
- Hydar Ally

Guyana Chronicle
May 23, 2001

THE learning environment within the education system has vastly improved in recent years and resulted in a significantly larger number of children enjoying better facilities, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr Hydar Ally said last Friday.

He made the observation to parents, their children and teachers, as well as education officials, among others, while declaring open the new $36M primary school at Crane Village, West Coast Demerara. Ally said the conviction of the Ministry is that every child in Guyana deserves a better environment which is conducive to the production of quality learning.

Every child must be able to write and become functionally literate and teachers have a critical role to play in ensuring this goal is achieved, he stressed.

Parents, too, have the task of moulding their offspring who will become future leaders and the home environment is, therefore, crucial to their development, the Permanent Secretary emphasised.

He said, in many homes, children spend several hours looking at television unsupervised and some parents hardly visit the school to discuss, with teachers, the progress of pupils.

Meanwhile, Ally disclosed that discussions are ongoing with a foreign donor to secure computers for every school and he challenged Parent Teachers Associations (PTAs) to take the initiative and aid the venture.

Construction of the school in Region Three (West Demerara/Essequibo Islands) was funded through the Primary Education Improvement Programme (PEIP).

The two-storey edifice is designed to accommodate 400 pupils. It has 10 classrooms, a headteacher's office, a staff room, a sick bay, a kitchenette and a library, with adequate potable water supply, electrical installations and sanitary conveniences.

The Headmaster, Mr Alvin Johnson, while presenting his report, promised to strive for accountability and the care and maintenance of the place.

He said he would try to ensure that values and morals become part of the school curriculum and teachers' welfare is addressed.

Among those at the function were PEIP Director, Mr R.B. Persaud, Administrator of Guyana Teachers' Union, Mr Lance Baptiste, Regional Education Officer, Mr Yeoman Singh and Teachers Service Commission Chairman, Mr Richard (Dick) Mangar.

The programme included calypso singing and the rendition of national songs as well as dance performances by pupils.