Flush out the outlaws

Guyana Chronicle
May 4, 2001

VIOLENT attacks have once again flared at Buxton on the East Coast Demerara and of course again taking toll among innocent people.

While the law enforcement agencies were able to bring the situation under control, this was not done without counter attacks.

We commend the Police for the good work they have done, and wish to register our unqualified support for any effort deployed to flush out these gangs now.

We are living in a democracy and in every democracy people are allowed to move freely. Guyana must not be an exception.

These gangs that carry out these clandestine activities are bandits, outlaws and brigands bent on carrying out their acts of lawlessness against unsuspecting prey, especially from a particular race.

We feel very strongly that this band or bands of plunderers must be evicted from the community forthwith and all peaceful and law-abiding citizens of that community must see it as their duty to help the security personnel in this exercise.

It seems clear that their current activities are not linked to protests carried out earlier in the post-election period, but are acts of banditry on peaceful citizens, regardless of the consequences on victims.

Their most recent actions came at a time when the situation in Georgetown and other parts of the country had just started reaping the benefits of the dialogue between President Bharrat Jagdeo and People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R) leader, Mr Desmond Hoyte. They are holding the talks in genuine efforts to make Guyana a place for all Guyanese to live in peace and harmony.

The majority of the people in this country support these talks which have so far shown much promise.

It is our duty, all of us as true Guyanese, to continue supporting these talks, and with one voice send a message to those who indulge in banditry and violent attacks against harmless people that they will not be allowed to continue with their lawlessness.

They must be told in no uncertain terms that the entire population who are hardworking and peace-loving people will no longer tolerate their lawlessness.

We call on every Guyanese regardless of race, colour or religion to support the security forces in any action that may be deemed necessary to flush out these criminal elements.

They must understand that Guyanese from other communities would not be provoked into retaliating to their actions which would not serve us as a nation any good.

Those of us who lived through those dark days of the 1960's have learnt several lessons, and would not tolerate any return to those painful days when all sections of the Guyanese population suffered. This must not happen; this will not happen again.

It must be made clear to those who encourage and give sanctuary to the outlaws that they too will be held accountable for the crimes committed by these people.

Lord Tennyson wrote long ago: "O purblind race of miserable men, How many among us at this very hour Do forge a lifelong trouble for ourselves, By taking true for false or false for true!"