A perfectly balanced team

Guyana Chronicle
April 18, 2001

PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo has sworn in members of his cabinet who will serve the Guyanese public for the next five years.

At a glance one could see that to all intent and purposes, the team is perfectly balanced and the Guyanese electorate could look forward only for the best possible results.

When we talk about balance, we do not mean only gender balance, but also of equal importance is the all round professional skills of the team with both new and tried and tested faces.

All these people have over the years, stood the test of time and the rigours of selfless labour for all Guyanese to enjoy a better standard of living, sharing the same sky and sun in love, peace and harmony.

Of the 21 Cabinet appointments, there are four women, Ms. Gail Teixeira, Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports (re-appointed); Ms. Bibi Shadick (Attorney-At-Law), Minister in the Ministry of Human Services, Social Security and Labour; Dr. Jennifer Westford (Medical Doctor), Minister of Public Service Management, and Ms. Carolyn Rodrigues (Project Officer), Minister of Amerindian Affairs.

The appointment of these four women in the Bharrat Jagdeo Cabinet is a commendable move which strikes the balance for gender representation that augurs well for all our women folk.

It shows that President Jagdeo recognises and has faith in the contribution women can make in our society.

We are certain that these women who were among thousands of others that participated without violence in the struggle for democracy, will now undertake with equal devotion, perseverance and intelligence, the supreme act of statesmanship involved in the execution of their duties as ministers of the government.

Four of the 17 other ministers will be technocrats, who are yet to be named. Two of the 13 others are new faces in Mr. Navin Chandarpal, Minister of Agriculture, and Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Minister of Health.

The 11 others are experienced people who have already shown their prowess in the various ministries they controlled in the previous government, and are 'old soldiers' eager to do battle again.

We, like President Jagdeo have seen the wisdom in bringing back these people on the team to continue to deliver better and more services to the people.

They have shown their capacity in doing so the last time around and this time it will be no different so long as their conceptions remain radically unchanged.

This is the kind of team that deserves every support from all sections of the Guyanese population, putting aside partisan politics and religious and cultural persuasions.

We believe that the team has the perfect balance that is fashioned to move Guyana forward, bringing with it gains for all the Guyanese people.

Only time will tell.