Sparrow's 600-song project

Guyana Chronicle
February 19, 2001

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, (CANA) - The Mighty Sparrow, widely acclaimed as the world's greatest calypsonian, is packaging some of his 600 songs into 40 CDs.

The 65-year-old New York-based entertainer told the Sunday Express newspaper, "I don't think that any other entertainer has ever set out to produce 40 CDs at one go, or put 600 original songs within easy reach of the listener.

"There are songs in the anthology that I myself have not performed in public for 20 or 30 years, and some of them are songs that I love, but when on stage, you often have to do the bidding of the audience.

"The anthology is therefore an opportunity for those who have followed my music to have the complete collection in one box."

Sparrow (Slinger Francisco), last week released the first two CDs in what he calls The Millennium Series that involves reproducing from original tapes and sometimes recording afresh, while updating aesthetics.

The two discs contain 29 songs. "All The Girls", the first CD to be completed, includes "Rose", the "Winer Girl" from Princess Town, "Monica Dou Dou", "Theresa", "Bermuda Girl", "Sandra", "Maria" and "Alien Woman".

Guidance, the second CD, is a collection of songs that range from deeply religious to the philosophical. The songs include "Slave", "Salvation", "Hello People", "Save the World", "A Fool and His Money", "Memories", "A Mother's Love" and "Precious".

Speaking with the Sunday Express from his New York home, Sparrow described The Millennium Series as his most challenging project to date.

"Just the collection of the music itself took more than a year of continuous work," he said.

"Then we had to decide what could go as original and what had to be re-recorded and how to package the body of work."

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