GT&T says no problems with calls to Guyana

Guyana Chronicle
February 7, 2001

THE telephone company GT&T yesterday assured its local and international customers that all calls originating overseas are being terminated in the exchange areas in Guyana.

It said a few reports from local customers have indicated that relatives, friends and overseas contacts are experiencing problems in having their calls into Guyana completed since the introduction of the seven digit numbering system.

"This should not happen because GT&T has put arrangements in place to have the calls processed, even if the old numbers are dialled," the company said.

GT&T (Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company) said there is an announcement which notifies callers that their call is being processed and the area code to be used in future.

"Apparently some of the callers, upon hearing the start of the announcement, assume that there is a problem and have been hanging up without waiting for advice for the call to be processed," GT&T said.

It added that the introduction of the use of the seven digits does simplify matters for callers into Guyana, since it regularises the system. Overseas callers now need to dial 592 and the national seven-digit number.

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