Mayor urges vendors to keep mall clean

by Sharief Khan
Guyana Chronicle
December 8, 2000

GEORGETOWN Mayor Hamilton Green yesterday issued a stern warning to wholesale vendors who will be operating on the newly upgraded Merriman's Mall to keep the surroundings clean.

The site will also accommodate the displaced Regent Street vendors from Monday.

At yesterday's meeting near the mall, the Mayor pleaded with the sellers to clean their environment and to have garbage cans in front of their operations.

"We expect you to lift the level of operations (here). The place must look nice."

"We have to make an effort to change the hog pen conditions", he reiterated.

He said anyone who curses or fights would be dealt with accordingly.

The Mayor ordered that no plastic articles, fruit peelings and other disposables should be thrown about the place.

Potable water supply, telephones and lights will be installed in the area to ensure comfortable shopping and selling, he announced.

Green said vendors who disobey the rules will be relieved of their stalls.

He added that the City Council is doing all it can to forge a partnership with the vendors so they must cooperate and abide by the laws.

"We want a partnership of mutual respect and understanding", he remarked.

This would demand the efforts of all sides, the Mayor pointed out.

He said the City Constables and the Clerk of Markets will act in a fair manner and advised that the vendors do likewise.

Deputy Mayor Robert Williams also endorsed the Mayor's views and urged the sellers to beautify their surroundings, because they will become established entrepreneurs and will attract tourists.

Town Clerk Beulah Williams said she will dispatch a letter today to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) requesting telephone lines in the area.

Finishing touches are being done to the mall which is scheduled to be completed by Monday, so that the vendors can occupy the location.

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