One more jailed in vehicles chase cocaine case

Guyana Chronicle
October 24, 2000

ANOTHER member of the trio charged after the August vehicles chase cocaine bust was convicted yesterday.

Chief Magistrate Paul Fung-A-Fat found Albert Vaughn guilty of trafficking nearly 10 pounds of the drug and sentenced him to four years imprisonment. Vaughn was also fined $10,000.

He, Trenton Allicock and Morris Darr all faced trial after they were busted by Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) officers on August 11.

Allicock pleaded guilty two weeks ago and is serving four years in jail, as well, leaving Darr in the dock.

Giving his decision yesterday, Mr Fung-A-Fat said he believed the evidence that Vaughn, 47, was in possession of the narcotic.

The Court also ordered the seizure of the `Pathfinder' vehicle which the CANU officers had to pursue before apprehending the defendants.

Mr Fung-A-Fat said the State would confiscate, too, the US$9,800 that Vaughn, a father of 10, had at the time of his arrest.

The testimony against Darr was "a bit complicated" and has to be reviewed before a ruling in his case later this month, Mr Fung-A-Fat said.

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