DaSilva outlines developmental plans for Berbice

Guyana Chronicle
October 17, 2000

BERBICE has been earmarked as a central tourist attraction and plans are on the drawing board to identify specific areas for heritage tourism, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Mr Geoffrey Da Silva, said Friday.

Addressing the gathering at the launching of the street lights project in Main Street, New Amsterdam, he said the Berbice River site of the 1973 slave rebellion is included in the tourist venture.

Other designated places are Torani Canal and Number 63 Beach, for which financial allocation will be made in next year's national budget.

DaSilva said the socio-economic future of the `Ancient County' is nearer to realisation with the number of major schemes already in progress and to come on stream.

The Minister said the proposed highway between Guyana and Brazil would link Linden to Berbice and the shift of GUYSUCO'S big interest to the latter part of the country is indicative of Government's agenda.

DaSilva said work on the industrial area in New Amsterdam will start shortly with the construction of a bridge and land preparation there.

The Minister also announced that he is to meet with members of Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the Number 63 resort proposal and other matters of importance.

He disclosed, as well, that some Trinidad and Tobago businessmen, among others, are expected here and would be visiting Berbice to promote trade and investment.

DaSilva, expressing much enthusiasm about the New Amsterdam Town Day that will showcase the Berbice community, said it is likely to be bigger than the Main Street `Big Lime' in Georgetown last year.

The October 28 event is slated to attract participation also from several entities in North America and Berbice should derive long term benefit from it, the Minister pointed out.

Speaking at the Friday function, too, was President of Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association and Vice-Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Mr Ramdial Bhookmohan.

The proceedings, chaired by Mr Mohamed Raffik, formed part of the programme leading up to the Town Day.

After the formalities, Minister Da Silva was taken in a motorcade to inspect the lighted thoroughfare.

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